Gold Claim Sold

Fraguita Claim Groups – Three Gold Properties in Southern, Arizona

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Gold Claim Sold

Three Gold Properties in Southern, Arizona


Introduction; 15 Unpatented Mining Claims 


Professional Minerals Development, LLC (PMD) is a mineral exploration and consulting firm located in Tucson, Arizona.

This firm specializes in copper, silver and gold exploration and development projects located in the western
United States as well as providing experienced, international consultation services. At this time PMD controls three projects with primarily
gold mineralization, located in southern Arizona. We are currently busy with other properties so we wish to joint-venture, option, lease or vend these fifteen claims (see accompanying table) for further exploration and development.

Fraguita Claim 1 fraguita2 fraguita1 

All these unpatented claim groups are expandable by the location of additional BLM mining claims or Mill Site Claims. BLM Maintenance Fees are paid through the current fiscal year and there are no liens or other clouds to title. All are fairly easy to access by fourwheel drive, highclearance vehicles. Elevations vary from 3500 to 4500
feet. Most of the information on mineralization and values was derived from the Arizona Bureau of Mines Bulletin, the Arizona Geological Survey, The Department of Interior (Mineral Land Assessment, Table 1) and Mindat.

 These three claim groups are offered individually or as a group. Site visits can be arranged with as little as two days’ notice. Although they all could be visited in a single day, it is highly recommended that a minimum of one day for each be scheduled.

A tabulation of some of the significant features is given below.



of Claims

Range of Assays (Au)

Size (tons)

Big Three

7 BLM Lode

7 ppb to 0.25 opt


Edwards Fraguita

6 BLM Lode

0.25 to 5.0 opt



2 BLM Lode

0.17 to 0.6 opt



If you are interested in looking at any of these properties please contact us via the form located on the top of the page. Please use the “Additional Comments” box to include the specific claim you are interested in and any questions you may have.


Big Three Gold Property

The Big Three Gold Property is located in the Yellow Jacket Mining
District in Santa Cruz County, about 75 miles
southwest of Tucson, Arizona. This property covers approximately 2000 feet of
the Oro Blanco Fault zone and is comprised of 7 BLM lode
mining claims.

This claim group has three historical mines on it that include the Bench Mine, a 60foot
benched high wall; the Big Red, where the workings consist of several shafts
and one 160 foot long adit with at least two levels and a shaft to the surface
at the end; and the Susie/Sherry which was
primarily mined for silver and was an open-cut operation.

The Bench Mine was opened in the late 1970s and produced low-grade gold
ore for a leaching operation in the next canyon over. As recent as 1994 the
Department of Interior, Bureau of Mines took samples across the exposed mining
bench face which recorded returns of from 7 to 526 ppb Au. (MLA 24-94) This sampling was across a
100-foot wide face. Reportedly the ore ran as high as .25 opt/Au with very
minor silver.

The Big Red was also sampled
at that time and gave returns from underground that ran from 21 to 7720 ppb Au. The veins at the Big
Red are from 12 inches to 11 feet in width, according to the U.S. Bureau of Mines. There
is a significant 600 to 700 tons
of residual side-cast mine dump material, some with visible gold.

At the Suzie and Sherry the
historical records show that the ore averaged 22 opt/Ag with .05-.22 opt/Au
occurring in quartz veins of various widths
mined in an open-cut manner.

Edwards Fraguita
Canyon Gold Property

The Edwards Fraguita Canyon Gold Property covers a continuous structural
length of over 3000 ft. of the same fault and is located approximately 4000 ft.
to the northwest of the Big Three Gold Property. Located about 75 miles
southeast of Tucson in Pima County and the Yellow Jacket Mining District,
Arivaca mining districts, this property runs in a northwesterly direction and extends from the Rusty Bucket Mine to the Edwards unpatented mine, with the Contact Mine in between. There is a
small residual dump of up to 200 tons.

 The Rusty Bucket was a small
turn-of-the-century operation
that likely turned out 100 to 250 tons of ore containing from 0.5 to 1 opt/Au and 3 opt/Ag.
Little else is known about it.

The Contact Mine is better documented with its production in the 1930s
being  of 100 tons or more containing from 0.5 to 1 opt/Au and 2 opt/Ag, 3% Cu
and 3%Pb. In the 1970s and early 1980s it is said to have produced an
additional 500 tons containing values of 0.25 opt/Au, 3 opt/Ag, 2% Cu and up to 3% Pb. Its operation
was closed along with most other small mines in the surrounding districts, when
the price of precious metals declined in the early 1980s. The main adit exposes
a 10- to12-foot wide shear zone
with multiple 5- to 6-inch wide quartz veins, hosted in
metamorphosed conglomerate.

The Edwards Mine, with
two caved adits, is
located approximatly1000 ft. to the northwest of the Contact mine, on the
northern end of this claim group. A select
sample of quartz from the dump contained 0.54 opt/Au and 9.0 opt/Ag. Older
records show the run-of-mine ore contained up to 5 opt/Au, 15 opt/Ag and 1.5%
Cu. The ore occurs in multiple quartz-sulfide veins, oxidized and weathered
with free gold and silver chlorides near the surface and spotty base-metal
sulfides at depth along fracture zones in metamorphosed conglomerate. This mine
closed after the death of Mr. Edwards from a mine accident.


 Ajax Fraguita Canyon Gold Property

Located about 75 miles southwest of Tucson
in Pima County
and in the Yellow Jacket/Arivaca Mining Districts, the Long Shot-Ajax-Fraguita Gold Property covers an approximate
3000-foot length of the Oro Blanco Fault that hosts the Edwards-Fraguita Canyon
Gold Property and the Big Three Gold Property,
and is comprised of 2 BLM lode mining claims.

The Oro Blanco Fault appears to have been offset approximately 3000 feet
to the east by the Edwards Fault. This claim block may be the highest
mineralized portion of the Oro Blanco Fault structure as evidenced by numerous
old shafts, adits, open stopes and cuts.

The Long Shot Mine, located at the southern
end of this claim block, was accessed by a shaft.
The production at the Long Shot Mine was between 200 and 500 tons of ore
averaging 0.6 opt/Au, 15 opt/Ag, 0.7% Cu, and 4% Pb. Production was mainly during the mid 1980s, with the ore being fed to a 10-tpd
flotation unit on site. The grades and quantity
of ore produced prior to WWII are unknown.

The Ajax Mine is 1500 ft to the northwest of the Long Shot Mine. It last
produced from 1927 through 1941when the War Powers Board forced its closure
along with many others in the surrounding area. The Ajax
quartz-sulfide vein is 16 inches to 5 feet wide. It is also obvious from satellite imagery and ground
reconnaissance that at least three other semi-parallel veins not only exist but
were mined and prospected in the immediate vicinity. The main vein has been
mined over a strike length of approximately 1,200 ft. A second quartz-sulfide
vein that is 200 ft. northwest of the Ajax vein
has been mined or prospected for a distance of only 200 ft. The veins are irregular
and lensing, contain argentiferous and auriferous galena, sphalerite, minor
chalcopyrite and pyrite; and are oxidized near the surface with enrichment of
gold and silver. The country rock is metamorphosed conglomerate that in some
cases contains gold mineralization.

Four USBM rock-chip samples from the central 400-ft segment
of the Ajax vein have weighted averages of 0.17
opt/Au and 0.8 opt/Ag for an average sample length of 3 ft. A select sample of
dump material from the same segment contained 0.17 opt/Au, 7.4 opt/Ag, and
2.2%Pb. The southwest end of the vein has lower gold concentrations but still
averages 0.08 opt/Au. The second vein, parallel to the Ajax
vein and about 200 ft. to the northwest, contains an average of 0.10 opt/Au over an average sample
length of 19 in. Other historical records show ore grades above 5 opt/Au and 60

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