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Jamison Creek Placer I

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Jamison Creek just outside of the neat little town of Greagle, in Plumas County, Ca.

Eureka State Park is also just a couple miles away where the famous Jamison & Eureka hard rock mines were once very productive hardrock gold mines.

Jamsion City sprang up in 1853 and was active till 1943 after producing 25 million in gold.

The park museum is a must see pretty neat with all kinds of pictures and history of the
mines and area surrounding the park.

In the park are several historic mine buildings, old mining equipment, mills, panning troughs, etc.
Nearby town like Greagle and Portola have numerous restaurants, gas
stations, hardware stores, hotels etc.

In Greagle are some really nice higher end restaurants.

Johnsville is just a mile from the park and has a nice restaurant and ski area for winter recreation.

Also within 5 miles of the claim are tons of lakes in the Gold Lakes Basin.

These lakes are full of brook trout and rainbows as well as Jamison Creek.

You can fish Jamison or be at several lakes in 10 minutes.

The name of the claim is
the Jamsion Creek placer #1.

This claim is simply spectacular with an awesome 30-40 foot waterfall that provides several nice dredging, swimming and fishing holes.

There is even a really deep hole that is 15-20 feet deep that you can jump into from a ledge that is about 30′ above.

There is a ton of exposed bedrock outcroppings with the crevices running against the water acting like riffles in the creek.

Several nice small gravel bars and high benches are also on site.

There is an awesome campsite secluded off forest road 50that is right along the creek 100 feet away from the waterfall.

Also downstream on the claim is another nice campsite accessing the lower portion of the claim downstream.

Jamison Creek is historically known as a very good placer producer also with quart and gold specimens.

The gold is derived mainly from hard rock veins that have eroded and dropped into Jamison Creek
when the mountains up lifted millions of years ago.

Beings how this claim is close to the numerous sources the gold will be on the chunkier side.

This is simply just a breathtaking claim that offer everything one would look for in a mining claim from good gold, camping, access, seclusion and recreation.

Dredging is soon legal in California again after a 4 year ban and this stream should be loaded.

The old dredge regulations on Jamison Creek were up to an  inch dredge from Memorial Day weekend till October 31 each year.

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